Rey de la Vera Smoked Pimenton

rey de la vera

rey de la veraREY de la Vera Smoked Pimentón

Peppers were first brought back to the Iberian peninsula during the early 16th century by Portuguese explorers and have been a staple in the La Vera region for at least the last 500 years. The La Vera region’s combination of microclimate and groundwater are attributed to the high quality peppers that are grown there year after year and contributes to the consistantly exceptional paprika produced.

Rey de la Vera’s unique drying process dates back centuries, having been passed down from one generation to the next, and it is what gives this paprika its smokey, slightly sweet, aroma, flavor and distinctive color that La Vera Pimentón is known for.

These mildly hot red peppers from Spain are dried over an oak-burning fire for weeks to produce their signature flavor. The popularity of this paprika seems to be growing rapidly among chefs today and is used commonly in Spanish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Paprika of this quality is prized by professional and home chefs alike for the depth of color and flavor that it brings to any dish it is added to. We are happy to be able to bring such a treasured spice from one of the great producers to you. Bring some home the next time you’re in and bring a little more spice into your life.  


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