2-stage Wine Openers

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Farmstead's double-hinged corkscrews, $6.99

Farmstead’s double-hinged corkscrews, $6.99

A decent corkscrew is vital when opening a bottle of wine. Without one, you run the risk of a cork crumbling, a bottle breaking, or, worst of all, not drinking the wine!

Here at Farmstead, we’ve found that the two stage, or waiter’s corkscrew is the best option; as it’s nearly foolproof, requires little skill to operate correctly, and can be stored anywhere (except in a carry-on suitcase at the airport).

The two stage wine key was designed with professionals in mind, the hinged double-lever system and serrated knife blade make it a breeze to open bottles with both long and short corks. The two-step construction means you rarely break a cork.

You’ve seen it used before; the process isn’t complicated.  Use the knife to cut and remove the capsule; twist the worm into the cork (like you would any other corkscrew), use the notch closest to the base of the jointed arm to pull the cork halfway, and then use the notch closest to the tip of the arm to pull it free completely. Voilà!

Ours are branded and come in an array of groovy colors, and cost only $6.99 each.  So forget that two winged monster that nearly  always fails, the complicated rabbit doo-dah that sometimes pushes the cork INTO the bottle, or the electric model that is bulky and clumsy – try a two stage/waiter’s friend/wine key and most likely, it’ll become the ONLY wine opener you’ll ever need.

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