ametzoi rose

ametzoi roseameztoi RUBENTIS txaKOLINA ROSADO

A rosé from a land traditionally without rosé. The brainchild of Ignacio Ameztoi, combining tradition (his family has been growing and making wine in the Basque region for the last seven generations) with innovation and inspiration over 15 years ago this rosé was brought into existence. It’s since established itself as a bit of a cult classic, garnering followers from backyard bbq’s to sommelier porróns.

Made by blending the well known Hondarribi Zurri with its lesser known, and sparsely planted companion, Hondarribi Beltza (only about 17 acres are planted in Spain and sporatically in the French Pyraneese). Oh yeah, the Beltza vines were planted in 1840! The grapes go through fermentation in stainless steel tanks and are bottled with residual carbonic acid, which gives it its characteristic spritz.

Bright red fruit with herbaceous overtones of green pepper; more of the same on the palate accompanied by mouthwatering acidity all ensconced in txakolina’s signature mousse.

Highly allocated, we were extended the oppotunity to bring in just a couple of cases and we jumped at the chance. Don’t miss yours and come by either of our shops to pick up a bottle or two. Brush up your high-pour skills and enjoy this with good friends and tapas!

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