Bellwether Farms Fresh Sheep Cheese

bellwether sheep cheese

bellwether sheep cheeseBellwether Farms Fresh Sheep Cheese

Did you know that sheep milk was easier to digest than cow or goat milk?  It’s true.  Whether it’s a cup of yogurt, a spread of  Crème Fraiche, or a slice of cheese, everything from Bellwether Farms is whole-fat and wholesome. This includes whole milk from sheep and Jersey cows and organic fruit straight from the orchard.  

Whole sheep milk, sourced from a small network of local sheep dairies,is the key to Bellwether Farms’ superior taste, texture, and nutritional value. These sheep have year-round access to open space, are raised without hormones, and are fed an all-natural diet including grass and alfalfa to ensure the highest-quality milk production. Because sheep milk’s protein is 100% A2 type, many people seek out sheep milk products since they tend to be gentler on digestion than cow or goat milk cheese.

Think of Bellwether’s Fresh Sheep Milk Cheese as you would a chevre cheese – perfect for salads, spreads, dips, and recipes.   These cheeses will elevate any cheese board and are the perfect snack with your favorite crusty bread. These logs have the creaminess you want from fresh cheese, but none of the ‘goaty’ flavor.

Family owned and operated, Bellwether Farms is located in Sonoma County, California, about an hour north of San Francisco and a few miles from the Pacific Ocean.  Their  cheeses are used by chefs in many of the finest restaurants across the country and are regularly featured in The New York Times, Martha Stewart, Sunset Magazine and gourmet food publications everywhere.   

Their sheep are a Northern European breed called East Friesian, among the best milk producing sheep in the world. Taller than ordinary sheep, they’re known for their relatively long and pointy ears. Each ewe has from one to three lambs each year (though four or five is not uncommon) and these lambs stay with the mother for 45 days before we start milking the ewe.

After the lambs are weaned, the ewe is milked for up to eight months. But sheep milk isn’t easy to come by – a sheep gives less milk than a cow or goat, averaging less than ½ gallon a day.

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