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Broc Love Rosé – Organic, vegan and Natural

Founded by Chris Brockway, Broc Cellars is built on a philosophy of sourcing sustainable and organic fruit on the way to creating exceptional wines. Brockway takes a hands-off approach, allowing nature to be in charge.

Broc’s “Love” red and white have many fans already – here’s the delicious “Love” rosé made from a blend of three grape varietals from California’s North Coast vineyards – all grown organically. Valdiguié lends mouthwatering acidity, while zinfandel contributes spice notes, and a touch of trousseau results in a unique texture. After destemming, the fruit was pressed into stainless steel, with all three varietals fermenting together. The result is fantastically refreshing – zesty aromatics yield to juicy watermelon, cherry, and blood orange notes for easy drinking. It finishes clean and refreshing, with hints of ruby red grapefruit peel and wild herbs.

This wine, like all Broc Cellars wines, is made naturally, meaning only native yeast is used to spark fermentation, and nothing is added except an occasional minimal dose of sulfur prior to bottling. Organically grown, low-intervention/natural wine, vegan.

Winery notes:   “The inspiration for our Love Wines comes from the desire to keep as many older vine plantings and forgotten vineyards of California alive. Valdiguié, a grape formerly known as Napa Gamay, has so much history in Northern California. We love working with this grape. It plays so nicely with Zinfandel and Trousseau grown in California’s soil. The Valdiguié comes from Rosewood Vineyard located in Mendocino. From Wirth Ranch located in Solano County Green Valley, we get some Valdiguié in addition to Trousseau. The Zinfandel is from Arrowhead Mountain Vineyard in Sonoma. All three vineyards are farmed organically.”

At Broc Cellars all wines are made using spontaneous fermentation; they don’t add anything – this includes nutrients, yeast, bacteria, enzymes, tannins, or other popular fermentation agents. Sulfur is a naturally occurring element in all wines, the amount found can vary. Broc adds little to no S02, depending on the wine and style.  Love Rosé is foot-tread and left on the skins for 12 hours.  Then it was pressed into tank where the varieties co-fermented for two weeks.  The result is a 100% finished wine. This means it fermented until it went dry using only native yeasts and went through spontaneous malolactic fermentation. Each variety brings a unique quality to the wine – spice comes from the Zinfandel, acidity from the Valdiguié, and texture from the Trousseau.

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