Comoz Vermouth

comoz blanc.label.detail

comoz blanc.label.detailComoz blanc vermouth de chambery

Established in 1856, Comoz was the second-oldest of Chambéry vermouth producers after Dolin, and was the first to produce in a crystal-clear style. (Dolin preceded with a sweet pale, rather than crystal clear, blanc vermouth.) Introduced in 1881, Comoz Vermouth Blanc expressed Claudius Comoz’s selection of wines, plants and fruits, many of which come from the hills above Chambéry. Comoz came to fame as the essential vermouth in the El Presidente cocktail in Cuba.

Comoz is less sweet than other vermouth blanc, with notes of stone fruits, alpine flowers and a deep, resonant undercurrent of wormwood. This deeper profile marries with whiskey better than any other pale vermouth. Claudius Comoz was legendary in his tireless promotion of this new category. He commissioned famous poster artwork, one example of which is featured on the label. Production continued for four generations of the Comoz family. Today, Haus Alpenz and Dolin revive this delicious and historically important vermouth. Comoz is acclaimed as the inventor of the “blanc” style of vermouth. (Dolin preceded with a sweet pale, rather than crystal clear, blanc vermouth.) It is semi-sweet and full-bodied with pronounced wormwood and cherry notes. This is THE vermouth specified in the famous El Presidente (equal parts rum and Comoz) cocktail, created in Cuba in the early 20th century and published in 1915’s “Manual del Cantinero.” 

  • One of the two original Chambéry vermouth producers
  • Acclaimed as the inventor of Blanc Vermouth
  • Semi-sweet, full-bodied; pronounced wormwood and cherry notes
  • Specified in the classic El Presidente cocktail from Cuba
  • Drink on ice with a twist; mix with gin, vodka or blanco tequila


The Day Drinker

Stir with ice:
1.5 oz Comoz Blanc Vermouth
1 oz blanco tequila
0.25 oz grapefruit juice
1D celery bitters

Strain into a double rocks glass filled with a large ice cube.
Garnish with a lemon twist and a rosemary sprig.

The Reunited

Build in a rocks glass filled with ice:
1.5 oz straight rye
1 oz Comoz vermouth blanc 1 oz Aperitivo Cappelletti (or Aperol, or Campari)
1D Angostura bitters
Garnish with an orange twist.


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