Divina Fig Chili Spread



Divina Fig Chili Spread

Delightfully sweet with a sinfully spicy finish, this spread really knows how to make a savory bite come alive with flavor. Serve with your favorite cheese (it pairs with everything) or spoon over meats and vegetables before roasting.

A bold and rich spread made with Aegean figs with notes of caramel, honey, and chili.  Enjoy it with parmigiano-reggiano, gouda, calabrese, salami, syrah, white ale, and shortbread. Use as a glaze for meats, or veggies before roasting or grilling; spread onto a pressed/warm veggie sandwich with butternut squash and goat cheese, or dollop over a pizza with gorgonzola and prosciutto.  Vegan, non-GMO, dairy-free, and gluten-free

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