Espinaler Appetizer Sauces

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20210125 095846 1

Appetizer Sauce Espinaler is known world-wide for their fabulous canned seafood, but they began as a humble neighborhood tavern. They started serving tapas as well, specializing in fish and shellfish. Salsa Espinaler was invented to complement the bar’s seafood offerings. Soon Barcelonans were splashing it on olives, potatoes, eggs, pretty much everywhere they wanted extra zip and brightness.

Invented in the 1950’s by the founder’s grandson’s wife, Salsa Espinaler was an instant hit. Bright and tangy, but not spicy, Salsa Espinaler perfectly complements all kinds of seafood. But Barcelonans don’t stop there – try it on eggs, olives, on potato chips, even splashed in vermouth.

A unique sauce that many have tried to copy, without success, which has become a culinary icon throughout Catalonia. The recipe remains unchanged since 1960.

Spicy Appetizer Sauce This spicy version is the newest addition to the Espinaler family – maintaining the beloved flavor of the original, but with added heat from cayenne.


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