Filipa Pato 3B Sparkling

1 beiras brut rose 3b filipa pato 2 201x350

1 beiras brut rose 3b filipa pato 2 201x350


As daughter of Luis Pato, the master of the Baga grape in the Bairrada region of Portugal, Filipa was destined to be a winemaker.  She stepped out of her father’s lengthy shadow in 2001 and makes beautiful wines. Her farming is biodynamic and she picks earlier than most. The vines are between 20 – 85 years old. Skin contact is minimal and the resulting wine is a pale ruby color, light and refreshing.

Utilizing biodynamic farming practices and minimal-intervention winemaking, Filipa and her husband, Belgian sommelier and restaurateur William Wouters, produce Vinhos Autênticos Sem Maquilagem – ‘Authentic Wines Without Makeup.’

This project consists of working on a total of 50 acres of vineyards scattered in various plots throughout Bairrada.

The D.O.C. Bairrada is located in Northern Portugal on the Atlantic Coast. Its western border is shared with the Dão D.O.C. There are two predominant types of soil – a dark clay that favors red grapes mixed with pockets of limestone that create wonderful sparkling and white wines. 
The Bairrada wine tradition is very old – dating back to at least the 10th Century exit of the Moors. The primary red grape of the region is the native Baga and the Atlantic influence leads to long hangtimes due to the cool, breezy nights.
A blend of 80% Baga and 20% Bical harvested early from assorted vineyards in Bairrada (the three “Bs” of the title). Primary fermentation with indigenous yeasts; base wine is unfined and unfiltered. Secondary fermentation via traditional method in bottle followed by nine months’ aging sur lies before disgorgement. No dosage. 

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