Goat Gouda with Truffle

Goat Truffle Gouda

Goat Truffle Gouda


With a cheese-making process informed by over 800 years of Dutch tradition,  Goat Gouda with Truffles is crafted from the milk of goats that graze in North Holland’s lush, fertile pastures.  Chopped fresh Northern Italian Summer Truffles are added to the milk and the cheese is formed.

The cheese is aged for two months; and the result is a beautiful, ivory-colored cheese that’s smooth and full of flavor. Its mellow, full-bodied taste is buttery, lightly sweet, and refreshing without any of the sour “goatiness” that is characteristic of some other goat cheeses. Its mild flavor is distinct without being overly powerful or pungent, making this cheese an excellent foray into the world of goat cheeses for those who have not tried them before, with the added addition of luscious truffles for an indulgent snack or truffly addition to many dishes.



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