Humboldt Fog

hum fog 001

hum fog 001

Humboldt Fog

Humboldt Fog is a truly original California artisan cheese.

Conceived in a dream (yes, really!) by founder Mary Keehn, this masterpiece paved the way for soft-ripened goat cheeses in America.  Each handcrafted wheel features a distinctive ribbon of edible vegetable ash. 

Made from local goat’s milk and lightly aged, Humboldt Fog boasts a fudgy texture and typically tangy goat’s milk flavor. The creamline develops as the cheese ages, resulting in oozy goodness meeting firmer cheese towards the center.  HFog’s rind is paper-thin and brimming with minerality.

The shape and look of a whole wheel have always reminded me of birthday cake.  So, have a party and enjoy its flavors of buttermilk and fresh cream, complemented with floral notes, herbaceous overtones, and a clean citrus finish.  

The cheese is creamy, light, and mildly acidic with a stronger flavor near the rind.   This cheese won first-place awards from the American Cheese Society in 1998, 2002, 2005, and 2019. 

Its origins date back to the 1970’s, when Mary Keehn became interested in goats while searching for a healthy source of milk for her young daughters. After starting with two animals, she quickly developed a passionate interest in breeding high-quality Alpine goats. Within a few years, the herd increased significantly; finding herself with excess milk, Keehn began experimenting with cheesemaking, founding Cypress Grove in 1983.    Keehn first dreamed up Humboldt Fog in 1993 after returning from a trip to Europe, inspired to create a cheese that visually echoes the typical thick white fog that frequently settles over the dark green landscape of her native Humboldt County. 

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