Ligurian Olive Oil

Aldo Armato Olive Oil at Farmstead Cheeses & Wines

Aldo Armato Olive Oil at Farmstead Cheeses & Wines

Our next offer is for a wonderful Olive Oil from Liguria (Italy)  – the S-ciappa bottling from Frantoio Aldo Armato, an unfiltered, organic, liter sized olive oil, made from 100% Taggiasche olives. (dialect – called Taggiasca in Italy or  Cailletier in French.  This is the olive that,  when cured is called Niçoise ).

As you may recall, we offered this last year, and it flew off the shelves!

S-ciappa is dialect for the ultimate or the king, and this cold-pressed from a traditional stone mill EVOO is from the very first free run juice; it carries a gold-tint to its color, and offers a delicate and fruity alternative, almost buttery in texture.   The olives are harvested late when the oil they give is cloudy, sweet and golden green. It is rich but not heavy, peppery warm but not searing.

This is a finishing oil – salads, on crudo, or other applications where fresh, delicate, flavorful oil is called for.

The frantoio of Aldo Armato has a long family history of producing great oil from the ancient groves of Taggiasca olive trees,  planted in the hills above the town of Alassio on the northern Ligurian coast. The Armato family has been involved in the olive trade and the production of olive oil for many generations, and built their impeccable “frantoio” on the ground floor of their home.

This exceedingly low acid oil offers a more delicate and fruity alternative, almost buttery in texture, to its greener and more rustic counterparts produced from warmer climes around the Mediterranean. Alessandra Armato, Aldo’s daughter, and her husband, Giordano Mazzariol, have combined their talents to extend the use of their locally renowned olive oil to make a series of products that are devastatingly delicious.

We have only 36 bottles available from the fabulous November 2020 vintage.   Please email us , call or stop by if you would like to ensure that you get a bottle or three.

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