Mustard Seed Gouda

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mustard seeds headerMUSTARD SEED GOUDA

While traditional Goudas aren’t made with any flavor additions, these newer, flavored Gouda-style cheeses are popular and versatile, as snacks, in recipes, and as part of a cheese course.  

This unskimmed pasteurized cow’s milk cheese is mild tasting with a flavorful addition of mustard seeds. It is easy to slice and is smooth and creamy. A versatile combination of a well-loved mild, creamy cheese with the popular, tangy taste of mustard. 

The sweet crunch of mustard seeds adds a burst of flavor to a rich and supple gouda. Makes a beautiful and textural addition to a cheese course, and pairs really well with German or German-style beers and charcuterie.  Our favorite use is melted on a brat or wiener on a bun with sauerkraut or onions, or as a topper for a hamburger!   Pairs really well with bread and butter pickles, too! 


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