Polpo Rosso

le cantine di indie polpo rosso 1

le cantine di indie polpo rosso 1


The vineyards of Nerello for Polpo Rosso are in Sambuca di Sicilia (Western Sicily). 

Massimo Gregorio’s family has been making wine at this estate, on this hill, since 1730. However, it was Massimo that really found a passion for the art, and has dedicated himself fully to updating, and improving this beautiful family villa surrounded by green hills and valleys covered in vines, grains and land for grazing.

He turned all of the estate’s agriculture to organic, and with the help of Stefano Borsa from Pacina, and oenologist Fabrizio Tomas, has also started focusing more on indigenous varieties rather than the international varieties planted at the estate in the 80’s.

It was Fabrizio Tomas that had the idea to plant Nerello Mascalese on this terroir close to Palermo on the other side of the island from Etna.  Grapes were hand-picked, macerated for around 6-8 days at cold temperature, destemmed, and left to ferment with skins in stainless steel vats for 5-6 days at a temperature of 75-77°F. Then the liquid part is drained from the bottom of the vat and the remaining skins are soft pressed.

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