Sans Liege Picpoul Carbonique

picpoul carb

picpoul carb

Sans Liege’s Groundwork Picpoul Carbonique

Have you been wondering what all the hubbub was about orange wines that all the cool kids have been talking about?    Well, first off, we should call them amber wines, as that’s how they refer to them in the Republic of Georgia, where they have been drinking them for 6000 years.

This kind of wine is made by using red winemaking techniques with white wine grapes.  For the most part, the juice from both red and white wine grapes is the same color, and red wines get their color,  flavor, and tannins from skin contact before and during fermentation.

This is 100% Picpoul from the Beato in Paso Robles. Fermentation started in the vineyard with native yeast. 100% whole cluster fermentation in a stainless steel tank for 25 days, malolactic conversion arrested after primary fermentation completed Ruby red grapefruit pith, Jasmine Pearl Green tea, fruit loops, apricot, spearmint. Serving: Chill for 20 minutes and enjoy!

Groundwork is all about the fundamentals. Putting to use the empirical knowledge he has gained from making wine for his first label, Sans Liege Wines, Curt Schalchlin seeks to bring his experience to a new set of wines that embrace the soul and simple living of the Rhône Valley and Southern France. Groundwork is built upon Curt’s comfort and confidence as a winemaker, instructing him to trust in the fruit, the vineyards, and his own rich experience as guides.  (He’s also co-owner and co-winemaker at The Fableist, so you know these wines are solid, Jackson).

Only 175 cases made, and we have six of them.     I know what I’ll be drinking this spring!

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