Scribe Nouveau

Scribe Nouveau

Scribe NouveauScribe Nouveau of Pinot Noir, Los Carneros

Like many other wine merchants, we’ve eschewed the Nouveau Beaujolais bandwagon for the past several years:  the idea of air-freighting cases of Nouveau Bojo to the West Coast in order to fit some 1970’s French marketing scheme never seemed to be sound, and many years the wine wasn’t that good anyway.

But, the idea of fresh, newly pressed, and vinted wine, released soon after harvest is an age-old tradition, in France and elsewhere – it’s a celebration of the end of harvest, and the hopes of new beginnings.

Several savvy New California wineries have embraced the ‘nouveau‘ idea, and many of these locally made wines are quite tasty.

We’ve brought in a few cases of Scribe’s organically farmed Nouveau of Pinot Noir  – it’s the first glimpse into the vintage and a celebration of the harvest.

After a 100% carbonic fermentation with native yeast, they bottled the wine unfined, unfiltered, and without any added sulfur. This process produces a lively, juicy wine that’s meant to be enjoyed right away.   Natural, organic, and vegan friendly.  

I had a bottle last week;  I loved the fresh raspberry, mountain wildflowers, and papaya (!) notes that the wine brings.  Chill it down for 45 minutes or so as you would a Beaujolais, and pair it with lighter fare, or try it as a wonderfully refreshing aperitif!

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