Sparkling Wine Club


Lately, I find that I am drinking way more bubbly wine; there’s always a bottle ready to go in my refrigerator.   And there should be in yours as well.

We tend to eat more stews and braises in the cooler months, and Champagne has a way of going with most foods, as its bright acidity cuts through fat like a laser beam; it cleans your palate and refreshes your spirits (and, if not, it’s always a great way to start off the evening!).

Our Sparkling Wine Club explores the myriad world of sparkling wine, with an emphasis on grower-producer Champagnes.  For example, last year we presented ten exciting grower-producer Champagnes, a British sparkler (yes, English bubbly!) and a few pet-nats.   Look for some great new discoveries over the next twelve months!

We offer one-two bottles per month, priced from $40-125 dollars per bottle.  Like all of our wine clubs, our members receive a newsletter telling all about that month’s wine, significant discounts on most wine purchases (at least 10%), and our unflagging gratitude for supporting a locally owned and operated independent business.

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