Tikves Barovo Red Blend



Tikves Barovo Red Blend – Sustainable

Hand-crafted with passion and patience, Tikveš wines are emblematic of North Macedonia’s ancient tradition of winemaking. (North Macedonia is part of former Yugoslavia, north of Greece, west of Bulgaria and east of Albania).  Located in the heart of wine country, their wines reflect over 120 years of a culture that celebrates the entire wine experience – from growth, to harvest to fermentation to the most significant part, enjoyment with family and friends.

The Tikveš winery is the oldest winery in Macedonia; it began in 1885. Today is the exemplar of a modern and innovative winery. The winery uses sustainable practices throughout its operations including limiting the use of treatment of the vines, reducing consumption of both energy and water, building solar panels for self-sustainable energy, and a commitment to recycling waste and turning it into natural fertilizer.

Philippe Cambie is an advisor for the property. Aged in premium quality oak barrels this dry red wine has luscious aromas of overripe berries and dry plums, with hints of oak, smoke, chocolate and fresh spices. The taste of the wine reveals an excellent balance of alcohol, acids, tannins, and extracts that reach their peak in a perfectly harmonious finish.

65% Kratosija (the local name for Zinfandel/Primitivo/Tribidrag) and 35% Vranec, and indigenous black grape.  The Tikves Barovo spends 15 months aging in a combination of concrete (30% of the wine) and one-year-old French oak barrels (70% of the wine).

Dark red color with purple reflections. Complex aromas of dry blackberries, raspberries, and dry plums. Ideally balanced acids with soft tannins make this wine full, extractive with a powerful structure and a long juicy aftertaste.

Barovo is a village and an emerging subzone within the rapidly developing wine scene in Macedonia. Located at higher elevation (between 1600 and 2000 feet above sea level) than the rest of the vineyards farmed by Tikves, it produces wine of greater freshness and finer tannins giving the wine a noticeable Piedmont-like precision and utility at the table.

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