Trosset Olim Priorat

Olim Priorat

Olim Priorat TROSSET OLIM PRIORAT – Orgainc and biodynamic

Trosset is a Catalan word meaning little piece, so this wine is a little piece of Porrera in Priorat. Brothers Diego and Eduardo Duran care for their tiny plot of organically farmed vines on a steeply sloped (60% incline!) vineyard on the famous llicorella soils of the region. They have over 100-year-old Carineña (Carignan) vines that grow scarcely taller than an outstretched hand,  and produce less than a pound of concentrated, mineral fruit every fall. Diego terraces by hand to plant his Olim vineyard on a cool, windy, north-facing slope up the valley opposite Vall Llach.

Planted between 1000 and 1500 feet above sea level in soil poor in nutrients but abundant in dark slate, the vines are cuddled by the warmth trapped within the soil during the bitingly cold nights, nights are often 30-40°F colder than daytime temps, throughout the growing season. The resulting fruit is ripe and full of vibrancy.

The first thing that stands out about this wine is its remarkable freshness and liveliness, something that is atypical of Priorat. Spontaneously fermented and then aged for 12 months in neutral oak, the fruit is minimally altered allowing its true character to shine through. Notes of fresh black cherries and currants mingle with licorice and tobacco, out of the glass the palate is awash with fresh fruit that is bold yet structured leading to a wine that is well balanced. Drink now, or hold on to it to see where it goes, its journey is surely not finished.  

Enjoy with lamb burgers, cured meats, or spicy sausages.

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