Tumeric Toma

tumeric toma

tumeric toma

Tumeric Toma

Piedmont’s Le Fattorie Fiandino takes this semi-firm cow’s milk cheese to the next level by adding turmeric to the paste – giving it a herbaceous kick. 

The cheese has a lovely golden color, a lightly spicy, floral aroma, and a distinct flavor with brothy savoriness.

The dairy pioneered the use of thistle rennet** in cow’s milk cheeses, a very rare combination in the Italian cheese world. 

Cousins Mario and Egidio were inspired by their shepherd grandfather to make unique cheeses with milk from Bruna Alpina cows.

Turmeric Toma is a vegetarian cheese, is aged 60 days, and has notes of fresh-cut grass, a pleasant sweetness, and a slight tang.


(Thistle rennet is a coagulant made from the floral parts (stamens) of the wild-growing Cardoon(Cynara cardunculus). This ancient style of rennet has been commonly used in Spain and Portugal for centuries, primarily for ewes milk or a mix of sheep and goat.)

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