Valentine’s Day!

candy hearts

candy hearts

Valentine‘s Day

Yes, it’s a Hallmark holiday, completely manufactured by the greeting card and floral industries; and yes, it can’t possibly reflect how you feel about and completely appreciate your partner, the love of your life;  and yes, you feel pressure to go to a fancy restaurant for a rushed and probably mediocre prix fixe meal and endure indifferent service and half-decent food; and yes, it all seems so fake and forced; but trust me, they really, really, really want you to make a fuss over Valentine‘s Day!    

Fear not: we have a great supply of sparkling wines – from brisk Grower-Producers for an authentic reflection of terroir, to Grand Marques like Billecart and Louis Roederer, to fun and natty Pet-Nats, Sparklers from the Loire, Austrailia, Italy and the Jura as well as a fine array of value-priced Cavas.  

Our supply of sparkly wine is unmatched in any East Bay independent wine shop (well over 50 different sparkling wines in each shop!). And with prices from $10.99 to $499 and up, we’ve got the right-priced bubbles for you!

We’re also stocked up on our great supply of double and triple crème cheeses, the perfect complement to bubbly wines!

In addition, we have a great supply of rosé wine, as well as amazing chocolates on hand to make them feel like the most special person on the planet (which of course they are and you already knew that!).

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