We Love You


Thank You, We Love Our Customers!

As you know, COVID-19  has been incredibly trying and challenging for all of us, and we at Farmstead have learned and are continuing to learn many lessons, not the least of which is that the connection between us all is vital and fundamental to developing and growing a healthy, respectful and evolving society.

Yes, while it can be more difficult to shop at small, independent business than it is online or at a big box store, preserving family businesses across our country is more important than ever these days.   

We’ve been blessed here at Farmstead, as selling cheese and other foodstuffs has allowed us to remain open during the entire lockdown, but many of our neighboring businesses in Alameda and Oakland haven’t been so lucky, and too many of them might not open up when and if the lockdown is lifted.  

Thanks for supporting us, and continuing to support us, truly;  but please try to reach out to recently other small, independently owned businesses as well: our diverse and eclectic society depends upon a retail landscape that reflects our local communities.  
– Danny, Julie, Lauren, Layla, Mark, Mike, Percy, Rod, Russell, Shannon, Jeff and Carol

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