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SopressaSalami from Alle-Pia Fine Cured Meats

We’ve brought in a new line of Salumi, made in Paso Robles and inspired by Italian regional cuisine. Crafted by an Italian-American family who own and operate two successful Italian restaurants, they started making sausages and salumi for restaurant use.   These products became so popular that they started selling them locally, and started a wholesale business originally to supply the many local wineries in Paso.  

Each small batch is created with love by the talented Antonio Varia, Chef and Owner of Buona Tavola Restaurants in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles, located in the beautiful Central Coast region of California.  For over two decades, Chef Varia has delighted residents and visitors with his inventive Northern Italian cuisine in his Buona Tavola (meaning “good table”) restaurants.  Alex Pellini, Chef Varia’s nephew, came over from Italy in 2009 to help with the restaurant operations and has been instrumental in the creation and supervision of the salami production.

These all-natural salamis are made using only the highest quality ingredients and respecting the traditional Italian salami recipe.  Allepia only uses pigs raised without hormones or antibiotics who are fed a vegetarian diet. Allepia’s artisan salumi are made using traditional techniques and all products are USDA inspected and approved. They are gluten free with no  added Nitrates or Nitrites – they use Swiss Chard extract as a preservative. 



Here’s what’s available:

Barolo  – features Barolo wine in the mix, along with fresh spices. 
Cacciotorino – features Chianti wine and Juniper berries 
Calabrese – features Calabrese and Cayenne peppers, Fennel and Chianti  
Finoccihiona – features crushed Fennel, Black Pepper and Chianti 
Nostrano – features white wine and coarse Black Pepper. 
Sopressa – features Paso Zinfandel, Garlic, and Cayenne peppers 
Tartufo – features Black Summer Truffles and White Truffle Oil

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