BrebiRousse d’Argental

20130529 254043 brebirousse d argental

20130529 254043 brebirousse d argental

BrebiRousse d’Argental is a full-fat sheep’s milk cheese, colored with annatto seed.  It’s an ooey-gooey wonder sure to please any crowd, with a creamy paste that threatens to run free of its annatto-tinged rind.   Luscious and silky enough for brie-lovers, sheepy and full-flavored enough for the most adventurous palate, its bright orange rind refuses to be ignored, but its delicate sweetness balances the buttery intensity with aplomb. The flavor of Brebirousse d’Argental is clean and clear, with a smooth buttery softness that smacks of salt, grass, and that lovely quality of fattiness that only sheep’s milk can afford.

This luscious bloomy rind pasteurized sheep milk cheese is produced by Fromagerie Guilloteau. The milk is collected from sheep of the Argental region of France. Aged for thirty days this square cheese exhibits a thin bright orange patchy rind.

“Brebis” is French for sheep and “Rousse” refers to the color of the cheese.

When young the flavor is rich and sweet, but as the cheese matures the stronger meaty, earthy flavors develop while the rind becomes a darker rusty orange color. The texture is soft and velvety and sure to ooze deliciously on your cheese plate. There’s a generous swath of meatiness there, too, to the point that eating a huge mouthful of this cheese might induce a quivering umami-gasm if you’re not expecting the sensation across your palate.

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