These fabulous balls of milky goodness are amazing – by themselves, as part of a cheese plate, on a pizza, whatever.

Because of the fragile nature of these very fresh cheeses, we only order enough to last through Tuesday (Burrata only has a seven day shelf life, while Mozzarella di Bufala can last for up to two weeks).  

Burrata is a classic Italian fresh cheese that is made by enclosing a center of soft, silky curd and Panna (Italian heavy cream) in a small sac of Mozzarella. It has a unique soft texture and is served fresh, ideally at room temperature.  (Be sure to always store this extremely fragile cheese in the refrigerator, though)  

The result is a decadent treat that fully showcases the flavor of the milk.  

The cheese is best eaten within a few days of production, simply drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper, although Burrata’s soft texture and mild, milky flavors lend itself to experimentation with all sorts of ingredients.  

We bring in smaller, four ounce balls, perfect for an appetizer for two.  Burrata arrives by mid-day Thursday in both shops, generally gone by Sunday.

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