Cana de Cabra

Cana de Cabra

Cana de Cabra

Caña de Cabra
Reminiscent of Bucheron, this pasteurized, soft-ripened goat cheese log is made from the same rich Murcia goat milk found in our very popular Capricho de Cabra.

The flavor is creamy and mild, with the soft citric tang one expects from a fresh goat’s milk cheese. Creamy and mild, with tangy citrus notes, this soft-ripened goat cheese log is much like the French Boucheron. Murcia is famous for its rich quality goat’s milk. It’s aged for a minimum of 21 days and is creamy, mild and intensifies as it ages.

The mold on the exterior of the cheese helps to break down the paste on the interior, ripening from the outside in, so the cheese is at once creamy and crumbly. Caña de Cabra smells like lemon custard with some faint grassy notes and a cultured-milk aroma.

Pair with a crisp white wine, a rosé wine, or a bière de garde.

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