Dick Taylor’s Chocolate-Coated Almonds

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1 20210125 144757

Founders Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor are musicians, woodworkers, boat builders, and now…chocolatiers! Whether crafting from wood or cacao, their hands-on approach leads to an emphasis on quality ingredients and small scale production. They source the finest organic and fairly-traded cacao and perform all steps in house in their small factory in Eureka, CA.

The entire process takes approximately three weeks to complete, but allows them to make some of the finest chocolate possible. They cut no corners, leaving out vanilla, additional cocoa butter, or other emulsifiers in hopes of capturing the subtle nuances of the cacao itself.

Their chocolate-coated almonds are made by delicately roasting organic California almonds, then, using a slow traditional process, they build layer-upon-layer of  65% Belize dark chocolate.

An elegant take on a traditional confection. A holiday favorite we recommend enjoying all year long!

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