Dick Taylor Chocolates

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Founders Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor are musicians, woodworkers, boat builders, and now…chocolatiers! Whether crafting from wood or cacao, their hands-on approach leads to an emphasis on quality ingredients and small scale production. They source the finest organic and fairly-traded cacao and perform all steps in house in their small factory in Eureka, CA. The entire process takes approximately three weeks to complete, but allows them to make some of the finest chocolate possible. They cut no corners, leaving out vanilla, additional cocoa butter, or other emulsifiers in hopes of capturing the subtle nuances of the cacao itself.  

Hazelnut Milk Chocolate: Delicately roasted Oregon hazelnuts have been paired with exceptional milk chocolate made from earthy Brazilian cacao and old-fashioned, A2/A2 whole milk from Alexandre Family Farm. 

Fleur de Sel 73% Dark Chocolate: The best selling FLEUR DE SEL chocolate bar is made using two award winning ingredients, 73% Northerner Blend Chocolate (a blend of Brazilian and Madagascan cacao sweetened with Brazilian cane sugar). A sprinkling of hand-harvested Guatemalan sea salt from Bitterman Salt Co. adds a subtle and delicate finish. 

72% Madagascar Sambirano: The single origin 72% MADAGASCAR dark chocolate (72% cacao and 28% cane sugar) is made using cocoa beans from our friend; Bertil Akesson owner of ‘Akesson Plantation’, a cacao farm in northern Madagascar in the Sambirano Valley. This cacao is hands down some of the best and most consistent in the world. Without the use of any fillers like added cocoa butter, soy lecithin or vanilla, Dick Taylor is able to add only organic cane sugar in the making of this chocolate bar which highlights the classic citrus and red berry notes present in the cacao. 


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