Donna Paolina Greco di Tufo

alois donna paolina greco di tuffo bs


 alois donna paolina greco di tuffo bs


Donna Paolina Greco di Tufo docg – organic

Donna Paolina winery was born in 2011 in a collaboration between three stars of Campania. With a storied history of making distinctive wines in the area, the Alois family was looking to expand their operations in the region; in particular, they had their eyes on the celebrated DOCGs of Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino, and Taurasi.

And so they turned to their friends Carmine Valentino and Gerardo Contrada. Valentino is a renowned oenologist and strives to produce wines that showcase the beauty and essence of his native Campania, while Contrada owns vineyards perfect for making terroir-driven wines with the native grapes of Campania.

Each varietal is planted in its own single vineyard where the subtle differences in soil and climate make each wine unique. In his Marotta vineyard, he is growing Greco di Tufo, perfectly suited for the sandy, mineral-rich soil of this plot. His Parite vineyard is home to Fiano di Avellino, which enjoys the southeastern exposure of the slopes. The Falanghina is planted in the Solopaca vineyard, and finally, the Aglianico destined for Taurasi thrives in the clay soils of the Poppano vineyard.

Made up of 100% Greco di Tufo from the Santa Paolina – Contrada Marotta vineyard; the organically farmed 20-year-old vines grow upon beds of ideal sandy soils, planted to a southeastern exposure. Once harvested, the grapes ferment entirely in stainless steel to preserve the naturally acidic, fresh properties within the grapes. The wine ages in the bottle for three months before release. 

Straw yellow in color with notes of apricot, peach, and pear on the nose.  On the palate, this is clean and fresh with a beautiful soft texture which is nicely balanced by a lovely touch of acidity on the finish. A perfect food wine with enough heft to go with heavier foods, pair Greco with fish, chicken, seafood, veal, cheeses, and more. 


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