Durante Prosecco

Durante Prosecco Spago NV 1944x

Durante Prosecco Spago NV 1944xDURANTE FAMILY Prosecco LA SPINéE Extra Dry- ORGANIC AND BIODYNAMIC

The Durante Family Estate is based in the Piave DOC in Northeastern Ital, a region known for Prosecco. 

Father Lino and his sons Ivano and Michele Durante pour their hearts and souls into their small family farm. Certified organic and practicing biodynamic since 1998, the trio believes that farming this way produces better wines.

In addition to the family name, the property is also known by its ancient title, Le Spinée (french for “the spine”), because for a few centuries starting in 400 A.D., this same land was a French monastery in which monks vinified an especially well-regarded-by-locals lean, mineral, petillant naturel-like wine from a thin “spine” of gravel/alluvial soils that forms the current location of this farm.

The Durante Prosecco is as good as it gets for small grower/producer, certified organic, dry, and delicious Prosecco. Seriously folks, stop overpaying for inferior Prosecco at big box stores and try a wine made by a much smaller, family-owned and operated winery. 

The cooling influence of the Piave river provides the ideal ripening conditions for their 30+ year old Glera grapes. The wine is fermented using the Charmat method, whereby the secondary fermentation to create the bubbles occurs in pressurized stainless steel vats. The finished wine is light, crisp, aromatic, and delightful. Bright notes of green apple, pear, tart tropical fruits, white flowers, and minerals abound in this easy-to-drink, dry sparkler. Even better, it’s just 11% alcohol but still dry and full of flavor. Enjoy this charming bubbly with sushi, crab cakes, or some brie and baguette. It also makes for a perfect beach or poolside sipper.

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