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Casa Firelli Sauce

Casa Firelli SauceFirelli HOT Sauce

Some prefer red pepper flakes, and others go for garlic – true spice-seekers reach for Firelli. This fiery combination of red peppers, balsamic vinegar, Calabrian hot peppers, and dried porcini makes for an elevated hot sauce that answers the call for a balanced-yet-complex level of spiciness.

Hot sauce on pizza seems to be an American habit. One importer’s survey showed that 50 percent of American pizza eaters used hot sauce on their pies.

Not all the sauces that wind up on pizza are Italian, but there is a new contender, Casa Firelli, designed for pizza. Like other Italian hot sauces, it’s fueled with combustible Calabrian chiles. It has a gentler kick and deeper complexity than most, so it’s a nice touch on pizza and also worth adding to pasta classics like arrabbiata and puttanesca.  I add a few drops onto anything that gets ketchup – burgers, fries, meat loaf, etc. – for a nice but not too spicy kick.

Original Firelli (left) is low to medium spicy (2900 on the Scoville scale). Not overwhelmingly hot. but rich and rounded, with a pleasant zing. Made to give a delicious kick to your food.  Recently, Firelli developed an Extra Hot version (4900 Scoville) – the same great ingredients, but with an extra kick from Cayenne peppers; and a Truffled Hot Sauce (2900 Scoville), perfect for making Truffled French Fries or adding truffled goodness onto Pizze!   

Handcrafted in Parma.  Zero calories, all natural, gluten free, low sodium is perfect for any diet including Keto, Paleo, Low, and No Carb – a few splashes will take your meal further.   

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