International Champagne Day

press for champagne

press for champagne

International Champagne Day

As if you need an excuse for drinking Champagne, October 22nd is International Champagne Day.   Champagne lovers worldwide will be celebrating in all sorts of fizzy fashions.

Many people use the term Champagne as a generic term for sparkling wine but in some countries, it is illegal to label any product Champagne unless it both comes from the Champagne region and is produced under the rules of the appellation.  

Where EU protectionism laws apply, this alcoholic drink is produced from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France following rules that demand, among other things, secondary fermentation of the wine in the bottle to create carbonation, specific vineyard practices, sourcing of grapes exclusively from specific parcels in the Champagne appellation and specific pressing regimes unique to the region.   

Vineyards in the Champagne region of France Primarily, the grapes Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay are used in the production of almost all Champagne, but a tiny amount of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Arbane, and Petit Meslier are vinified as well. 

Champagne appellation law allows only grapes grown according to appellation rules in specifically designated plots within the appellation to be used in the production of Champagne.  

We have a good amount of Champagne in stock, mostly from small producers, but also feature wines from larger houses like Roederer and Billecart Salmon.  Prices start in the 40 dollar range and go up from there.

How to celebrate:  Come to Farmstead (or another local, independent wine shop), buy a bottle of Champagne.  Drink.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

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