Mutti Italian Ketchup

mutti ketchup

mutti ketchup

 Mutti Italian ketchup

Ketchup by Mutti is an Italian take on perennial condiment, made from sun-ripened Italian tomatoes seasoned to perfection with Mediterranean sea salt, spices and mixed with the finest wine vinegar.

Despite its Chinese origin and American reputation, ketchup, and tomato-based products in general, are some of the essential ingredients in Italian cuisine! First imported in Italy in the 16th century, at first, the tomato was considered poisonous and didn’t have much use in the kitchen. However, after the first half of the 1800s, tomatoes and tomato sauces became an irreplaceable part of Italian cuisine, and now the country stands out with its abundance of tomato varieties, such as Roma, Pisanello, San Marzano, and Pachino.

Mutti is a leading Italian brand producing the finest quality tomato-based products for more than a century. Founded 120 years ago by Giovanni Mutti, the brand has become synonymous with quality, tradition, and trust – always keeping its customer’s best interest in mind; Mutti has mastered the crop rotation technique, an innovative method for cutting down chemical fertilizers.  

Mutti tomatoes are renowned for their consistently great taste – each tomato remains remarkably fresh tasting, fragrant and naturally-sweet. This is because, at every step in the process, the company has obsessed over quality – the best seeds, the best farmers, the richest soil, the most exhaustive sorting, and an incredibly delicate preservation process. This devotion to taste and quality means that Mutti tomatoes are closest to fresh, enhancing any recipe with vibrant goodness. 

Ketchup by Mutti will be a versatile addition to your pantry – pair it with your favorite hamburgers, BBQ, French fries, or incorporate them into your dips and sauces! Whatever you do, this delicious condiment will impart its delicate sweetness and a little bit of spiciness to your meals in the blink of an eye!  

Most ketchup is watered-down and overly sweet from corn syrup. Not so with Mutti’s product, which has a full tomato taste because it’s made from concentrated tomato paste instead of puree. The ketchup also has a wonderful balance of flavors: robust and savory with a touch of spice. We like that Mutti makes this condiment with wine vinegar, which adds dimension and offsets tomatoes’ ripe sweetness.


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