Open That Bottle Night



The last Saturday in February has been deemed “Open That Bottle Night .” 

Great wine is made to be shared, wouldn’t you agree? And it’s not always about cracking open the oldest bottle in your cellar (although that’s a unique story in itself!).

It could be a wine you were given for your wedding, the birth of your first child, or (hopefully) a bottle that you pick up at Farmstead in anticipation of this august event.

One of the best things about enjoying special wine is the enjoyment of the stories and memories that were made through your ownership of the bottle. To quote an oldie but a goldie – life’s too short, drink the wine!

So put February 27th  on your calendar, gather your nearest and dearest, crack open your special bottles, and make memories while remembering those tales that have been kept in the cellar for too long.

Open That Bottle Night (#OTBN) is held on the last Saturday in February each year – here’s how you can make your own #OTBN an annual tradition.

What’s Open That Bottle Night all about? The concept of Open That Bottle Night (#OTBN) was initiated by two reporters at The Wall Street Journal. Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher wanted to encourage their readers to open a significant bottle, then share their stories.

Since its inauguration in 2000 (well before social media became mainstream), the event has become a global phenomenon and is always held annually on the last Saturday in February. The underlying premise of Open That Bottle Night is that wine is more than liquid in a bottle. With the opening of these wines comes a memory of life milestones, births, deaths and marriages, long-lost loved ones, and treasured holidays. These memories are too precious and significant not to celebrate and share.


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