Canned WInes

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IMG 1099

Canned wines

It’s uncanny how the fine wine market has embraced canned wines!  As little as four years ago, we were cutting edge and offered two different canned wines.  Today, we are bombarded with offers from canned wine producers all over the world nearly every day.

Canned wines are a thing, are growing astronomically in the wine trade, and they are perfect for summertime tippling.

Portable, portioned (most canned wines hold 250 ml – about a glass and a half), and popularly priced, these may be (or should I say can be) the solution to Summertime entertainment quandries.   

Quality canned wines can be taken anywhere – camping, the beach, or concerts.  They’re perfect for a casual party – no glassware to fuss with.  The interiors are coated with BPA free lining, so there’s no danger of metallic taste.

No tools are necessary to open them. They’re lightweight, fit neatly into backpacks and saddle bags – even cargo pant side pockets –  and once empty, crush down to a tiny size. They’re entirely recyclable with a lower carbon footprint than glass. They’re impervious to damage from light and won’t shatter when dropped on the pool deck.   

We have still whites, rosés and reds; sparkling white and rosé; and some pretty danged groovy wine-based Spritzes!  Stop by your local Farmstead and pick up a few. 

Why?  Because you can!

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