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champagne barons de rothschild champagne rosé NV ritz cuvée

This wine is pretty special – the result of a partnership between the newly formed Champagne arm of the Rothschild wine empire and the very tony Ritz hotels of London and Paris.  The partnership was formed to produce two Champagnes – a brut and a  brut rosé – for the exclusive use of these stellar hotels.     Turns out though, that COVID-19 put a monkey wrench into the hotel industry, so a decent amount of wine was never used.  

One of our savvy importers seized on this one-time opportunity and brought in some of the wine for the American market.  It says Ritz Champagne on the bottle but it is the same exact Champagne that is made with the Baron de Rothschild label that gets great reviews and sells for over hundred dollars per bottle throughout Europe!

85% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot Noir, the wine shows amazing finesse.  The high proportion of Chardonnay makes this exceptional rosé fine and vivacious, while Pinot Noir makes it delicately, harmoniously complex; a delight to the senses. The first taste is fresh and precise, melting into the palate like silk, with slight raspberry undertones. It features fine, subtle aromas, reminiscent of spring, alongside the fragrance of rose petal, wild strawberry, and a hint of citrus zest. The fine thread of bubbles ends in a thin, enduring foam, and its light color offers the slight shimmer of salmon pink. This wine is long, balanced and full of delicious body. The harmony of the fruit and the lightness of this champagne bear a complexity the most experienced palates are sure to appreciate and distinctively embodies the de Rothschild family’s winemaking values: perfection, constancy, and a spirit of excellence and refinement, all given the utmost of care.

92 points, Wine Enthusiast:  This ripe, red-fruit-flavored wine is smooth and juicy. Its fruitiness is balanced by the filigree of acidity and minerality to give a rich wine that is also elegant. 

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