Field Recordings Hock


Hock is Field Recording’s take on an Edelzwicker, an easy-drinkable, aromatic white wine blend that is very common in the Alsace region of France, across the Rhine from the Pfalz wine region in Germany.  Winemaker Andrew Jones:  “My favorite table wines are Alsatian Blends and it’s one of my favorite old world wine regions. This wine is pretty much dry, with just a touch of residual singular in it to balance the acidity.”

The blend is mostly Pinot Gris (65%), with Riesling (32%) and a skosh of Gewurztraminer (3%) to amp up the aromatics a bit more, from the Central Coast vineyards.  The Pinot Gris and Riesling were fermented in stainless steel, while the Gewurz was fermented in old Acacia barrels, all aged for six months before bottling.

Low in alcohol (11.1%), look for zesty flavors of apricot, lemon zest, Bartlett pear, freshly mown hay, and a hint of petrol.  This is a perfect food wine – in the Alsace, Edelzwickers are paired with bold, hearty foods, strong cheeses, and braised spicy meats.  Here, try it with Asian or Asian-inspired food, as an aperitif.

Between Fableist, Wonderwall, Neverland, Fiction, and Field Recordings, we carry more wines made by Andrew Jones than any other winemaker – over 20 SKUs and growing.  Why?  His wines are varietally correct, reflect a sense of place, follow sustainable farming practices, and punch well above their weight class in the value department.

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